11 Low-Cost DIY Headboard Projects for a New Bedroom Look

August 24, 2014 Updated: August 24, 2014

If you are contemplating adding a headboard to your bedroom but don’t have the budget for a new one, check these 11 low-cost or recycled DIY headboard designs from the Hometalk community and you will surely find one to your taste.

1. High-End Look for Less

Epoch Times Photo

(West Elm Inspired Headboard via Hometalker Michelle S)

A few nails, some wood pieces, and a solid coat of bright pain create dimension and accent in this dark bedroom.

If you’ve got some carpentry experience, or if you’re looking to get some, you can get this West Elm’s “Window Headboard” look for less, by following Michelle’s example and building your own high-end copycat look. 

2. Pallet Board

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(DIY Pallet Headboard via Hometalker Liz Marie Blog)

Not only are pallet boards the hottest item in today’s DIY community, they’re usually totally free!

Make sure to only use boards marked HT (for Heat-Treated) when constructing this warm, wooden headboard, which will add a cabin-like vacation coziness to your bedroom for a minimal cost.

3. Upholstered

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(Upholstered Headboard IKEA MALM Hack via Hometalker Place of My Taste)

Clean and comfortable, this look is practically begging you to snuggle in and get a good night’s sleep.

Not to mention, this design is an IKEA hack, so the base beneath the fabric is inexpensive and easily assembled.


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(DIY Tufted Headboard via Hometalker Lilikoi Joy)

A bit of a fancier take on the upholstered design, this terrifically tufted headboard  adds a pinch more drama and class to your sleeping quarters.

It’s a perfect accent for a darker bedroom with colorful highlights.

5. Stenciled Fabric 

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(Painted Fabric Stenciled Headboard via Hometalker Infarrantly Creative)

Don’t just get creative, get colorful! By painting a fabric headboard with a stencil, the bed itself gets some depth and decoration, and becomes a bold statement piece in the bedroom.

For this look, try using a foam roller and acrylic paint, with an elegant geometric stencil.

6. Rustic Barn Door

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 (Rustic Barn Door Headboard via Hometalker Old World Garden Farms)

It’s great to repurpose wood for decor, but what if you just can’t find the vintage wood you’re looking for?

This design shows you how to build a rustic barn door from scratch to use as a charming and unique headboard.

7. Faux French Linen 

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(DIY French Linen Style Headboard via Hometalker At Home on the Bay)

It’s hard to get a look more quaint than antique French linen.

If that’s the style you’re going for in your bedroom, look no further, because this faux French linen upholstered headboard is the perfect accent to introduce an air of the charming “joie de vivre” into your design.

8. Art Collage 

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(DIY Headboard Art via Hometalker Vicki Sturgiss)

Use a canvas as your headboard, and get literally any design you want, by letting your creativity color your room.

A piece of art works just as well for an interesting headboard as anything else, especially when you choose an intricate and colorful design, like Vicki’s incredible collage of scrapbook paper droplets.

9. Window Panes

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(DIY Antique Window Headboard via Hometalker Liz Marie Blog)

It might seem counterintuitive to put glass window panes against a wall, but when you see this antique window headboard, you’ll realize just how bold and beautiful this idea really is.

The rustic wooden frames and smooth reflective glass create a symphony of peaceful comfort; the perfect backdrop for a calm and rested wake-up.

 10. Nailhead Trim

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(Nailhead Trim on Headboard via Hometalker Clever Nest)

With a weekend, some power tools, a few supplies, and a healthy amount of patience, you can achieve this formal, framed look of a nailhead trimmed headboard.

Instead of the soft, tufted button style, this headboard gives your bed form and shape, highlighting your pillows and bedding. Choose a strong color palette to get the most out of this structured design.

11. Woven

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(Vertical Blinds Woven Headboard via Hometalker Jessica Hill)

There is no specific rule of design for headboards – they can can be as creative and daring as their designers.

Some are a look all their own, like this fabulous woven headboard made from repurposed vertical blinds!

This design is not only modern, but functional, as you don’t cover up any outlets or other electronic equipment, and can attach lamps and other decor details, like pictures, directly to your headboard.

For more money-saving ideas and projects, check out Hometalk’s DIY topic page, and get some more inspiration to decorate your home.