100,000 Bees Invade Texas Woman’s Home for Years–Bee Expert Easily Removes Them

June 22, 2018 Updated: June 22, 2018

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A massive bee infestation in an Austin, Texas, apartment complex has caused headaches for residents.

A local bee expert, Walter Schumacher, told Fox7 in a video report that 100,000 bees could be living inside the apartment on Anita Drive.

The video shows Schumacher pacifying the bees with smoke before grabbing a handful of them.

Ivana Coleman, who rents the apartment, said she has a “mixture of fascination and horror” with the bees. “I want to be able to get into my apartment without being afraid of being stung. I want to be able to peacefully sit in my apartment without a swarm of bees flying in, or the risk of it, because now they’re even coming through my front door,” added Coleman to Fox7.

Ivana said that she reported the issue to her landlord, but neighbors said that the problem persisted for months.

“I don’t know how effective that’s been … like I said, it’s getting worse,” said David Overholt, who lives in the complex.

Coleman said that she’s now afraid to walk through her front door.

“It’s finally gotten to the point where they’ve been getting more and more aggressive. I actually injured myself this morning crawling out my window since the bees were completely blocking my exit way,” Coleman said.

“I’ve gotten stung three times actually,” Overholt told the Fox affiliate. “It’s getting worse and worse. If anybody’s allergic in the neighborhood, kids walking by, it could be bad. And us, we have to navigate this swarm of bees every day it seems like,” he added.

And Schumacher said that of the bee infestation, “the danger to her was quite real.”

“If I do it wrong, people’s pets could die … people could die,” Schumacher noted.

Eventually, Schumacher was able to move out the bees, Fox7 reported. The bees were relocated to a ranch in Travis County, Texas.

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