100 Dogs Seized From Ohio Home, 76-Year-Old Woman Faces Charges

January 16, 2018 Updated: January 16, 2018

One hundred dogs have been seized from a residence in Ohio, and police have charged the owner with cruelty against a companion animal.

Authorities say Bernice Robertson, 76, confined a large number of dogs at her home and “failed to provide veterinary care, failed to provide sufficient exchange of fresh air, failed to provide normal grooming and failed to clean fecal matter and urine from the dwelling,” reported the Athens Messenger.

After Athens County received complaints about the dogs, a search warrant was obtained.

Officials found 100 dogs—an assortment of mixed-breeds—living in Robertson’s home.

County Dog Warden Mary Beth Brown said that a number of the dogs were in poor health but none were in danger of dying, following an assessment by veterinarians.

“They were not skinny, and had good body conditions (overall), but some of them have injuries, and they have very poor skin condition,” Brown told the Messenger. “They were very, very dirty.”

However, neighbors told officials that they had seen Robertson bury dead dogs in the past.

On Friday, Robertson pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

The rescued dogs will be placed in a temporary home pending what happens with the case, Brown said in a statement obtained by the Athens Post.

“These dogs will receive veterinary care, grooming and have a warm, clean place to live pending review of the case by the Athens Municipal Court,” Brown said. “These dogs really tugged at our hearts when we saw the conditions they were living in.”

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