2014 NBA Playoffs: 5 Most Shameless Flops

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times
June 9, 2014 Updated: June 10, 2014

The NBA Finals are in full swing; game 2 saw Miami take a 98-96 road win in San Antonio.

While observing basketball at its highest level, one dubious skill has become increasingly prevalent: flopping.

Dwayne Wade’s selling of Manu Ginobili’s “jab” was one of the worst misdemeanors of the night.  It resulted in Ginobili’s third foul, prompting him to sit out the rest of the first half.

Flopping is a questionable art at best, but does make for some comedic moments on tape.

Here are some of the more memorable flops of the 2014 NBA playoffs.

1.  Lance Stephenson(Heat vs Pacers, Game 5)

Considering the situation, it was understandable as to why Lance Stephenson would try to draw a foul from Lebron James. Lebron was playing off five fouls, which he drew in just 15 minutes of playing time.  One more would have sent the world’s best basketball player out of the game for good – before he had played even a third of the game.  

However, one would think there are much better situations to do this in – such as under the basket, or in the paint where much contact really occurs.

Unfortunately for Lance, he could not have made it more obvious what he was trying to do.

2.  Kevin Durant(Clippers vs Thunder, Game 2)

This has been coined by some as a “helicopter flop.”  Here, Durant’s freakishly long arms and legs are turned a full 360 as he runs into the screen-setting Deandre Jordan.  Looks like Jordan does not know his own strength.

 3.  Roy Hibbert(Heat vs Pacers, Game 5)

Flopping gold as Roy Hibbert takes a dive in the pool.  He was fined $5000.

 4.  Vince Carter(Mavericks vs Spurs, Game 6)

If you watch the replay slowly, Carter’s foot may have slightly grazed Leonard’s. That, however, definitely should not have been enough power to send him literally twirling into the paint.  

 5.  Lance Stephenson, Again(Pacers vs Heat Game 2)

Let’s finish with arguably one of the most ridiculous flops ever.

This flop was one of the many Lance Stevenson antics during the Pacers-Heat series that created his goofball reputation in basketball circles.

Most memorable is how Lance remained “unconscious” afterwards for what was a full 14 seconds. He was fined $5000, and then $10,000 following his flop at #1 in game 5.