10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

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June 19, 2014 Updated: June 19, 2014

Dietitian Katie Lambert explains why you should never keep these ten foods in the fridge.

1. Bread – It goes stale much more quickly, never refrigerate it. But it can be put in the freezer.

2. Basil – Don’t refrigerate. It can instead be kept on the counter, the stems can be cut off and put in a cup of water which can be refreshing.

3. Coffee – Never keep this in the fridge. As it absorbs any flavor and also breaks down the coffee bean. It should be kept in an airtight container instead.

4. Garlic – It should never be kept in the fridge as it will sprout and taste really bitter. 

5. Honey – Once kept in the refrigerator it will crystalize and harden and cannot be used in the future.

6. Hot sauce – It can be kept in your pantry for up-to 3 years. So don’t refrigerate it. 

7. Melons – If the melon is not cut, don’t keep it in the refrigerator. Keeping the melon in the refrigerator inhibits the ripening of the melon. If it is an unripe melon put it in a brown paper bag and keep it on your counter it will ripen it up. Once it is cut it can be put in refrigerator. 

8. Onions – Before it is cut it should be left out, as it can effect the texture. 

9. Potatoes and tomatoes – If refrigerated they will become dirty and not taste good. 

10. Olive oils should not be refrigerated too, as the rich flavor of the oil will be lost.

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