10 Best Websites That Do One Simple Thing Remarkably Well

By Cindy Drukier, Epoch Times
October 27, 2013 Updated: November 5, 2013


#1 Coffitivity.com – Apparently, the soothing, white noise din of a happy coffee shop is perfect for productivity. This site recreates that ideal calm-commotion mix of inaudible conversation, cups clanking, and an occasional coin dropping in the tip jar. 


#2 Outgrow.me – You’ve seen lots of super cool products go by on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but when/where can you buy them? Check out OutGrowMe. It features crowdfunded products that made it—everything on the site is either available right now or open for pre-order.


#3 Page99Test.com – What’s the test of a good book? After reading a random page, say page 99, would you want turn the page? This site is just that. Published and unpublished writers share page 99 of their books. Readers get to rate the writing without knowing if it’s published or who the author is. It’s fast, fun, and reportedly addictive.


#4 TheBurningHouse.com – This site catalogues pictorial answers to the time-tested question: “If your house was burning, what would you take with you?” An intriguing look at the balance between practical, valuable, and sentimental.



#5 5SecondFilms.com – It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s only 5 seconds at a time, how addictive could it get?


#6 MyFridgeFood.com – Check off the ingredients you have on hand, select a few useful filters, and MyFridgeFood offers great suggestions of what you can make. It also shows you what other ingredients are needed so you can assess at a glance if you can make the dish or not. There are a lot of sites out there now that do this, but this one delivers the most usable results in a very practical format. 



#7 ThisToThat.com – Find out the best way to glue this to that, and other groovy information about glue.


#8 NoPhoneTrees.com – Want the direct path to a human not a machine when calling customer service? NoPhoneTrees gives you the string of numbers you need for many popular companies.


#9 SeatGuru.com – Find out where the best and worst seats are on your next flight. There are always some surprises.


#10 FreeRice.com – This educational site serves up endless multiple-choice questions in eight broad categories: humanities, math, language learning, English, sciences, chemistry, geography, SAT prep. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through to help end world hunger.


BONUS: This one’s not a website, it has to be an app by nature, but it’s so good at its 1 simple thing that it had to be included.

RunPee.com – The RunPee folks watches every movie in wide release so they can tell you the best 3-5 min window to run and pee without missing a crucial plot twist, funny line, or good action sequence. You can start the timer at the start of the movie and it will vibrate when it’s time to make a dash.