10 Best French Fashion Blogs

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times
December 12, 2013 Updated: June 10, 2014

1. Hello It’s Valentine!

Valentine Vanesse is a tea drinker, bicycle rider, the definition of Parisian chic. Her blog could be described in few words as “pure delight in fashion.”

Her style is full of colors, original combinations, and unexpected details, yet very elegant. Living right in the centre of Paris, Valentine takes you through old Parisian streets for the lesser-known Parisian picks.

Her passion for fashion, her great eye for detail, and style that comes straight from the heart.

(Screenshot via helloitsvalentine.fr)


2. Make My Lemonade

This blog by another Parisian, Lisa, combines Do-it-Yourself (DIY) with fashion. It is one of the best places to go for paper craft, sewing, or cooking tidbits.

On the fashion side, Lisa could be described as an elegant tomboy on heels who is crazy about polkadots. Her unique, diverse style goes beyond that, though.

The design of her blog is also unique, pushing the boundaries of fashion blogging into a new realm. GIF animated streetstyle photos are among the eye-catching elements. Lisa is simply full of great ideas.

(Screenshot via makemylemonade.com)


3. Le Blog de la Mechante

Girlish and lady-like, vintage and definitely fairy-inspired—that’s the world built by Éléonora Bridge in her Le Blog de la Méchante. Site is like a great escape from grey city life, coloring Paris brilliantly as if leading her readers through a delightful fairytale. She focuses on life in Paris and the local art scene.

(Courtesy of Éléonora Bridge)


4. Cuillère à Absinthe

Where Japanese kawaii mixes with a girlish 90s look, Typhanie’s whimsical blog is also her little personal diary, that you will love to read. Everyday.

(Courtesy of Typhanie)


5. Cherry Blossom Girl 

The Cherry Blossom Girl blog is like a romantic dream. Alix, a fashion school graduate, has been blogging since 2007. Her style is always feminine and gentle. She has been a fashion consultant for big brands, such as Alexander McQueen and Chloé. Despite her popularity, she keeps her blog very personal and cosy.

(Screenshot via thecherryblossomgirl.com)


6. You Make Fashion

As the name of the blog says, Margot shows that in the world of fashion, it’s up to everyday people to decide the next trend. It is not necessarily predetermined by big brands. Her blog includes lots of DIY tips to personalize your wardrobe or make your own trendy picks. Margot’s photos present her simple, boyish style with an ingenious sense for details and accessories.

(Courtesy of Margot)


7. Adenorah

Anne-Laure’s style is comfortable, but elegant. Her look features modern, simple lines. Street style photos are the main feature of the blog, and her collaboration with well-known designers adds a luxurious feeling to Adenorah.

(Screenshot via adenorah.com)


8. Miss Pandora

Time travel with Louise, a Parisian art lover and blogger, whose unique vintage style can inspire you to take your girliest skirt and blouse out again.

(Screenshot via misspandora.fr)


9. Le Blog de Betty 

Talking about luxurious fashion blogs, Le Blog de Betty may be one of the best known. Always featuring picks from popular designers and catching on the latest trends, this blog is number one on fashion site Bloglovin.

(Screenshot via leblogdebetty.com)


10. Punky-B

Géraldine from Punky-B features funky combinations, feminine pieces, as well as comfortable and sporty fashion. It represents the typical characteristics of Parisian style, its casual elegance.

(Courtesy of Géraldine)


First version: Dec. 2013