1-Year-Old Signs ‘Help’ While Sitting on Santa’s Lap

December 11, 2017 Updated: December 11, 2017

Visiting the mall and getting your photo taken with Santa is probably a holiday tradition you grew up with. But not everyone was a fan of the white-bearded, red-suited man with a large belly and a propensity for saying ho-ho-ho.

One child from Parkton, Maryland, was certainly not and his mom made sure to remind him of it every year.

Samuel Spencer was just 1 year old when he was photographed at Provo Town Center Mall sitting on Santa’s lap while he was signing for help, reported WXIA-TV. In the photograph, little Samuel looked a bit apprehensive about the man beside him and was signing something.

His mom, Kerry Spencer, said that her son was trying to say “help” using baby sign language she had taught him before he could even talk.

The photo has garnered a lot of attention and his mom, shares it on Facebook every year. This year, Spencer’s friend told her to tweet it, so she could retweet it. Now, the post has more than 6,800 retweets and 26,000 likes.

One social media user said it did not look like the little boy was signing for help.

In response, Spencer said it was just a different variation of ASL sign language and that babies can “mispronounce” words when learning it.

She even posted a picture to help with the comparison on her Twitter account.

As for Samuel, the 13-year-old seems to be enjoying the attention he is getting from being the scared toddler in the photo.

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