1 Dead, 3 Injured in Electrical Accident at Chinese Water Park: Video

August 27, 2019 Updated: September 7, 2019

One child was killed and three other individuals injured in an electrical accident in a water feature at an amusement park in China, according to multiple Chinese media outlets on Aug. 26.

The incident occurred at an amusement park in Jinan City of China’s coastal Shandong Province. One child, surnamed Guo, 11, died at the scene while others attempted to resuscitate him, according to Chinese news outlet Jinan News. A boy, surnamed Zhang, 6, and a woman, surnamed Liu, 30, were hospitalized and are now recovering. Another boy, surnamed Yang, 5, has been released from the hospital at the time of reporting.

Reports said that the incident occurred in a wading pool at about 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 24. Cellphone video footage taken by witnesses and uploaded to Chinese social media show several individuals laying on the ground, while others perform CPR. A woman speaking in the video also mentions that it was electricity in the wading pool that caused the incident.

The amusement park, named Dongfang Zhixiu, or translated as “Elegance of the Orient,” has been closed down while the incident is being further investigated, according to Jinan News. Two individuals in charge of the park, surnamed Wang and Zhao, have both been taken in by authorities.

Another Accident Involving Kids

Another unfortunate accident that have led to children’s deaths have occurred this year in China. In March, a dust devil struck an inflatable jump house in a park in China’s Henan Province. Two children died, and 20 were injured.

The dust storm hit at what appeared to be a local market. Brightly colored tents and stands were knocked over as the dust whipped through the area.

“In the afternoon today at about 3 p.m., a gust of sand suddenly blew upward in front of us, way up high,” an unnamed woman told the Beijing Times in a phone interview. “The next thing that we saw was the bounce house, where the kids were playing, get lifted up into the air. The bounce house was thrown about 150 meters away. I saw two kids fall from the house.”

“That whole place was a mess—there were kids screaming and crying,” the unnamed woman told the Beijing Times. “Some places that weren’t too far from me had kids lying on the ground, and parents were madly searching for their children.”