0.7% of the World’s Population Controls 41% of Its Wealth (Infographic)

By Niall McCarthy
Niall McCarthy
Niall McCarthy
November 16, 2014 Updated: November 16, 2014

Financial inequality is steadily rising alongside global wealth, which reached a grand total of $263 trillion in 2014. According to Crédit Suisse, people with a net worth of over $1 million represent just 0.7 percent of the planet’s population, but they control 41 percent of its wealth. 

69 percent of the world’s population have a net worth of under $10,000 – they account for a mere 3 percent of global wealth. Meanwhile, 23 percent fall into the $10,000-$100,000 bracket and they control 14 percent of worldwide wealth. In order to be counted among the wealthiest half of the world’s citizens, a person requires a net worth of $3,650.

This chart shows how the world’s wealth is shared amongst its population, by income group.

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