New York Loses House Seats After 2010 Census

Epoch Times Staff Created: December 22, 2010 Last Updated: December 23, 2010
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The census numbers released this week will change the division of Congressional seats, with New York losing two seats in the House of Representatives and New Jersey losing one.

New York’s current population is 19,421,055, which translates into 27 of 435 total House seats. Although New York’s population has grown from 18,976,457 reported in the 2000 census, the growth rate of 2.19 percent falls far short of the national rate of 9.7 percent.

New Jersey’s current population is 8,807,501. The state's population has increased by 4.55 percent from 8,414,350 in 2000. New Jersey will now hold 12 House seats, down from 13.

Congressional maps will be redrawn for the 2012 elections with approval from the Legislature and the governor. When New York lost two seats after the 2000 census, Democrats and Republicans each gave up a district they had traditionally held.

Democrats Brian Higgins and Louise Slaughter are most likely to lose their seats, said Queens College sociologist Andrew Beveridge in an interview on WBEN NewsRadio 930. Their districts, 28th and 27th respectively, have populations below 100,000.


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