Young Girl Believes She Has No Friends, Then Her Mom Gives Her Hundreds of New Ones

April 30, 2016 Updated: May 1, 2016

A girl in Minnesota thought that no one would be attending her birthday party since none of her classmates RSVP-ed. But her mom worked hard to make sure her daughter could make plenty of new friends.

(Keighla's Fresh Face Photography)
(Keighla’s Fresh Face Photography)

Mackenzie Moretter, who has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome that has delayed her development and made it harder for her to socialize, had her parents send invitations to her classmates at school, but received no responses confirming attendance at her 10th birthday party.

Mackenzie told Fox that she often plays on the playground at school but no one wants to play with her.

Mother Jenny Moretter took things into her own hands, going on Facebook and utilizing connections in several groups focused on local issues, asking families with girls around Mackenzie’s age to stop by for the party.

“She is incredibly loving and wants more than anything to have friends,” Jenny wrote. “As a mother, it is heartbreaking.”

It paid off. Hundreds of people attended the party, and Mackenzie looked super happy as she met her new friends and received many gifts.

(Keighla's Fresh Face Photography)
(Keighla’s Fresh Face Photography)


(Keighla's Fresh Face Photography)
(Keighla’s Fresh Face Photography)

“Jenny was hoping to get 10 girls to show up and all of a sudden this happened,” father Matt Moretter told Buzzfeed. “We had hundreds of people arrive on Saturday.”

“I’m overwhelmed with emotions. My heart has been touched by so many stories similar to mine or just people wishing her a Happy Birthday,” Jenny wrote on Facebook. 

“I will never be able to thank you all enough for your kindness. I will not remember all your names or I may forget what was said or done but just know I am so incredibly grateful and blessed that you cared about my daughter.”

The mayor of the city of Shakopee  even had April 18 declared “Mackenzie Moretter Day.”

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