‘You can see the spirituality in what they are doing’

January 19, 2017

“The show was absolutely spectacular, the visuals, the timing, it was above and beyond. Everybody should go and see it.”


“Joy—I think it is the first feeling that comes through when you see it, and you can really appreciate the talent and the history. … The talent that they have is unbelievable, their timing, and the points of their toes—they move as one.”


“You can see the spirituality in what they are doing and that their souls are into it. So absolutely, I can see it’s named perfectly for it. (Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing.)

“You just feel light, and I keep going back to the joy. So for me, joy, and divine, and peace. Just happiness.

“The dancers were really grounded in what they were doing, very very grounded. So you can feel that they are definitely connected to the divine because it is absolutely amazing what they are doing.”


“[Tenor Tian Ge’s] voice shook us all in our row. You could hear everybody gasp near the end of his performance. … It really was speaking about not getting caught up with money and the material things in life, that it is about your soul and whether you are a good person in the end. So his message in his song was really amazing.”


“There is a calmness to [the erhu performance]. … It is just beautiful the way it lulls.”

Donna MacMillan, seniors’ residence property manager
January 18, 2017