World’s Most Expensive Aston Martin Going to Auction

By Simon Veazey, Epoch Times

Made just three years before James Bond turned the brand into a household name, this Aston Martin has a price-tag that even Goldfinger might struggle to reach.

Already the most expensive British motor car, this extremely rare 1961 DB4GT Zagato, is heading for the auction room in Paris, where it could set a new record.

Prospective buyers not only need to have deep pockets, but also soft hands.

The Aston’s bodywork is so fragile that simply pressing on a panel could result in a handprint remaining in the metal, according to the Telegraph.

The model is one of just two cars that were optimised for competition, by stripping down the weight, resulting in incredibly delicate bodywork.

Even gripping the door handle too firmly could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The 1961 ‘2 VEV’ is an exceptionally rare car racing version of an already-rare sports car, making the car worth an estimated £15 million ($20.1 million).

James Knight, Chairman of auction house Bonhams motoring department explained the car’s appeal:

“It sort of epitomises everything that’s so great about Britain—bespoke, handmade, beautiful quality —and then when you clothe the car in this Italian Zagato style, you get the best of both worlds”

He added, to the Telegraph: “It is, by some distance, the most valuable British motor car ever to be offered at a European auction, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this historically significant vehicle.”