Police ‘Surrounded’ at Pro-Palestine Event After Making Arrests

Protesters attempted to stop a police van from leaving the area, the Met Police said.
Police ‘Surrounded’ at Pro-Palestine Event After Making Arrests
Pro-Palestinian protesters at a rally in central London on Nov. 25, 2023. (Harry Stedman/PA Wire)

Police were “surrounded” by demonstrators and prevented from leaving after making two arrests at a pro-Palestine march in London, the Met Police said.

In an update on X, the force said it arrested one man for a racially aggravated public order offence in Windrush Square, Brixton, because of a placard he was carrying.

When police attempted to leave the area with him, protesters blocked their path before they were removed by other officers.

A police van was again stopped as officers attempted to drive away with a teenage boy arrested for criminal damage of a patrol vehicle on nearby Saltoun Road.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has arranged a country-wide “day of action” to demand a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Fighting has resumed following a week-long truce that allowed hostages being held in Gaza to be released, along with Palestinian prisoners who had been incarcerated in Israel.

A spokesman for the Met said on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Officers policing the pro-Palestinian protest in Brixton have arrested a man in Windrush Square on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

“The arrest relates to a placard he was carrying.

“When officers tried to leave the area their vehicle was surrounded by other protesters. Some sat in the road blocking their path.

“Additional officers were deployed and the arrested man is now on his way to custody. Officers remain at the scene and will take action if further offences take place.

“Officers in nearby Saltoun Road have arrested a teenage male on suspicion of criminal damage of a police vehicle.

“Again, a number of people tried to obstruct the police van as it drove off. They were moved out of the way by officers. The male is now in custody.”

It comes after former prime minister Liz Truss told Fox News on a visit to the United States that people are being allowed to “demonstrate in favour of terrorists.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered across the UK, with the PSC arranging ceasefire rallies and vigils in places such as London, Cardiff, Hull, and Coventry.

There has been controversy about those on the marches chanting the phrase “from the river to the sea,” which critics have claimed is anti-Semitic, while some attendees have been accused of showing support for Hamas.

The militant organisation is proscribed as a terror group in the UK and support for it is banned.