World in Crisis: The Silver Linings

March 30, 2020 Updated: April 11, 2020

We are living through a time that will go down in history. All over the world, there is anxiety, fear, and suffering. These are hard times. These are times that call on every single one of us to be brave and to be good—to be our very best in fact.

And yet, even in the midst of worry and bleakness, silver linings can be found.

Families Are Together

As schools shutter and businesses operate remotely or not at all—in concert with the call to isolate from others—families are sequestered at home, together. Focused on getting through this crisis, they’re playing games, sharing meals, having conversations, and reconnecting.

The importance of family has been kept front and center during this unique time—as it should be. There is an opportunity here to strengthen bonds and be reminded of what’s most important in life.

Kids Are Free

Just like that, everyone is homeschooling. Children have been largely freed of the confines of school, though many are still distance-learning at the behest of their school. Still, they will no doubt have more time to read what they are interested in, create what they’re inspired to create, think in peace, manage their own time, take as long as they need to figure things out, play, tinker, and be themselves.

Parents supporting a free learning environment at this time are giving their children a precious gift.

Calendars Are Clear

Modern life has had us running ragged for a while.

This mandatory pause presents an opportunity to rest, reflect, and recuperate. We have time to read a book, prepare a delicious meal, take care of our home, tackle that project that has been on our list forever, take care of ourselves, or simply do nothing. What will we do with this precious time?

Divisions Are Crumbling

As the world faces the same “invisible enemy” together, the societal divisions that have been marketed and propagandized to us for far too long are losing their influence. We are all on the same team and always have been. We truly are all in this together.

Heroes Are Celebrated

The true heroes of our world—doctors, nurses, first responders, delivery people, grocery store employees, and even the politicians who are stepping up to lead us to the best possible outcome—are being supported, and celebrated, and prayed for.

Generosity Is Shining

In addition to those on the front lines, individuals and organizations of all stripes are putting their resources and talents to good purpose in service of their fellow man. From a variety of products, content, and services offered online for free, to local eateries offering free “school lunches” to those in need, to various industries offering their supplies of gloves and masks to medical workers, to actors reading bedtime stories on the internet, to locals doing the food shopping for the elderly in their neighborhoods, and on and on.

Look at the world and marvel at all of the good that is being done. It’s awe-inspiring.

Spirits Are Awakening

Stepping off the hamster wheel, facing a worldwide crisis, and hunkering down at home are leading people to reflect upon what’s unfolding, what they understand, who they are, and how they’ve lived.

They are pondering big questions, searching for fundamental truths, and seeking peace.

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