Working Mom Returning Home After Late-Night Shift Touched by Daughter’s Sweet Surprise

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
February 18, 2019 Updated: May 9, 2019

There’s no denying being a working mother is hard. Having to juggle career and family is never an easy task, not to mention the guilt moms feel for not being able to spend more time with their kids.

But everything was worth it for mom and Reddit user Mish0451 when she received some heartwarming gifts from her 16-year-old daughter.

In October 2018, after working a late-night shift, the tired mom came home only to find a bottle of water, a peanut butter dark-chocolate energy bar, and a lovely note placed on her bedside table by her daughter.

The note read: “I know you had a long night & [you’re] gonna be tired so I brought you in your ‘midnight snack’ because I know I prolly won’t be awake when you get home…I love you! Enjoy & sleep well.”

Touched by her daughter’s gesture of appreciation, the mom took to Reddit to share a photo of her thoughtful gesture.

“My 16 YO left this by my bed after I worked a long evening shift. 💕 Melted my heart <3,” Mish0451 wrote on Reddit.

The post left many Reddit users raving over Mish0451’s parenting and her daughter’s sweet gesture.

“Oh man I wasn’t nice to my parents til my 20’s. What are you doing so right?” one user wrote.

Another remarked: “I love simple but sweet gestures like this one. You’ve raised a kind and thoughtful person, OP.”

“Did you ever like, expect cards like these to be written for you? Or do you just casually return these tender gestures as and when you can?” another asked. “Sorry I’m just trying to figure out where you went right because clearly this is not normal behavior for a 16-year old. It’s fantastic.”

So what did Mish0451 do right to raise such a good kid?

“I actually parent them like friends. People say ‘you’re their parent, not their friend!’ I believe the exact opposite…especially in teen years, friends come & go. I want them to know they can confide in me without fear & I will guide them along the journey as best I can,” Mish0451 wrote.

At least when they’re not babies anymore, a parent need not crack the whip as much. Once they’re teens, parenting takes a slightly different approach.

“Eventually they start to get it and make good decisions on their own. Then u feel successful. Let them be who they want to be & love them unconditionally,” she added.

The mom feels blessed and fortunate to have two “really sweet daughters that are like my best friends.”

We should always be grateful for the things our moms have done for us.

To thank your mom for her unconditional love, shower her with gifts or a simple word of thank you just like what this daughter did—it would mean the world to her!

Photo Credit: Reddit | mish0451