Woman Loses Hair After Hair Dye Job Goes Terribly Wrong

July 25, 2017 Updated: July 25, 2017

A woman in England was horrified that her hair was falling out in chunks after a home dye job.

Stephanie Aird used a do-it-yourself kit, then noticed that her hair was coming out in clumps when she brushed it after the dye job.

The woman posted a video of the aftermath online a while back, but it has picked up steam in the last few days.

In the video, Aird appears completely shocked, hear mouth gaping, as she pulls chunks of bleach white hair from her head.

“What should I do?” she says to the camera desperately. “It’s never done that before.”

She said that people warned her many times that her hair can fall out from overexposure to the chemicals in hair dyes.


“I did not believe them,” she says in the video.

Aird posted a follow up video showing her hair in much better shape.

She explained that the hair comes out easily when it is wet, but after drying, it would not come so much.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” she said.

Her hair has a bit of a “punk look” now, she added.


Aird said she has been thinking of going back to brown for her hair color.

From NTD.tv