Woman Leaves Dog on Her Yard–Leads to Devastating Encounter With Child

June 13, 2018 Updated: June 13, 2018

“He’s like my baby. I’ve had him for eight years—he’s the baby of the family now.”

That is how Carolyn Brown describes “Mr. Wiggles,” her 8-year-old toy poodle, which was kidnapped from the yard of her Garfield Heights, Ohio home on June 1.

Mr. Wiggles (Fox screenshot)
Mr. Wiggles (Fox screenshot)

Brown told Fox News that a friend had just let Mr. Wiggles out into the yard when a small gray or silver car drove up and stopped.

A child got out of the car, snatched up Mr. Wiggles, and jumped back into the car that then drove away.

It’s really sad to know that an adult put a child up to doing this—they sent their child up to grab him. Who does that?” Brown asked. “What type of parent teaches their child that it’s okay to steal somebody else’s anything?”

Mr. Wiggles (Fox screenshot)
Mr. Wiggles (Fox screenshot)

Brown is particularly worried because Mr. Wiggles has a number of allergies and needs a specialized diet. If whoever took him doesn’t know how to feed him Mr. Wiggles’ health could suffer.

(Fox screenshot)
(Fox screenshot)

Carolyn Brown and her friends are plastering the neighborhood with “Lost Dog” posters, hoping someone might have seen something.

Brown said Mr. Wiggles might have been stolen because he is such a friendly dog. “I’ve seen people stop and admire him, she said, “but I never thought somebody would actually send their child to jump out of their car and grab him.”



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