Woman Kills Her Two Children and Herself By Lethal Mix of Drugs in Tragic London Murder-Suicide

January 12, 2018 Updated: January 12, 2018

A mother who killed herself and her two young children with fatal overdoses of drugs left a note saying “no one is to separate me from my babies,” an inquest heard on Thursday, Jan. 11.

Dolce-Mai Dada, 9, and Rhys Dada, 3, were found dead last January in their home in Greenwich, southeast London, the Daily Mail reported, alongside their 28-year-old mother Sydnie-Blu Macfarlane.

All were in bed together, covered by a duvet.

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The children were found to have ingested a lethal mix of drugs.

A handwritten note was found in the house stating “We are to be buried together. No one is to separate me from my babies,” the inquest heard, the Mirror reported.

Macfarlane had reportedly fallen into despair.

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Just days before her death Macfarlane reportedly told a friend she had “nothing to live for.” She said she was facing eviction from her home, and had recently fallen pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.

Her former partner Sean Dada was also seeking full custody of their children.

Detective Constable Frances Ruocco told the inquest that messages she had reviewed as part of the case “suggest she was feeling particularly hopeless.”

Some messages were said to have “referred to infidelity and deception,” which “she appeared to be very distressed about.”

A letter found in the woman’s home addressed “to Mum and family” read, “I guess no one will ever understand why I done what I done.”

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The inquest heard the two children had been given a combination of drugs including heroin substitute methadone, and a bottle of the drug was found in the bedroom near the three bodies.

According to a testimony by paramedic Anna Williamson, from the London Ambulance Service, when emergency crews gained access to the property, they found notes scattered on the floor and writing on the walls of the living room.

“She fears for my children and with a mother like me I agree,” one of the phrases reportedly stated, and “I’m taking them away from the toxic around them.”

Forensic pathologist Dr. Nathaniel Carey said traces of methadone, a powerful opiate normally prescribed to heroin addicts, and diphenhydramine, a common sedative, were both found in the children’s bloodstreams, the Daily Mail reported.

“There were no injuries to suggest what is called assault or restraint,” he said.

He told the inquest it was “very unlikely” the children had taken the drugs by accident and that the dosage would have been lethal.

“The drug measures were more than sufficient to account for death,” the inquest heard.

Detective Sergeant Dave Brooks told the inquest the evidence indicated a “feeling that she was in a desperate place and she felt she had no other option than to take her own life and [those] of her children.”

Coroner Andrew Harris adjourned the inquest, scheduled to continue on Friday, Jan. 12.

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