Woman Helps Rescue Man From Sinking Car

By Carrie Gilkison, Epoch Times
March 12, 2018 Last Updated: March 12, 2018

A receptionist waded into murky waters to pull a man out from his sinking car after he and his car went over a drop-off.

The driver, 63, accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake according to police, Fox 35 reports.

His car drove into a Camaro and a person who was working on it, then an auto parts store, and then over a drop-off and into the swampy waters, with the man still inside.

Shannon Slominski was working at the East Orlando Animal Hospital next door when she saw the car go in from her window.

“The guy who was witnessing it with me, we kind of looked at each other and we went in at the same time to go in and get him,” said Shannon.

“You don’t really think about the snakes and the fish and the turtles that are in there with you when you do that.”

The driver was disoriented according to reports.

“I grabbed his lower legs and had to pull him out,” said Shannon.

She and her co-worker drew him out of the window, careful not to hurt him.

Once safely out of the water, medics arrived and attended to the driver, as well the man with the Camero.

News outlets are calling her a hero, but she says that her actions are basic human decency.

“I saw somebody in need, and that’s what people are supposed to do when they see somebody in need. They’re supposed to help.”

The driver got a ticket for careless driving. The man who he hit went to a hospital to get checked out but only had minor injuries, police say.

And Shannon, before returning to work from the swampy pond, “had a little break to get cleaned up, and I scrubbed like I never scrubbed before.”

Video credit: Fox 35 News