Woman Goes Wake-boarding but a Few Seconds in Look in the Water to Her Left

August 13, 2019 Updated: August 14, 2019

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species on our planet. They have the extraordinary capacity to communicate with each other, hunt in formation, and even mourn the loss of their family and pod members.

But most amazing of all, dolphins love to play. According to scientific studies, this instinct helps young dolphins find ways of adapting to new situations in a safe environment, increasing their chances of finding mates and surviving.

That may be the scientific explanation, but anyone who has ever seen these magical creatures jumping, splashing, and spinning can see that the main reason is they’re having fun!

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No one knows this better than Wyatt Miller, a professional windsurfer who owns and operates a water sports center in La Ventana in Baja California, Mexico. Miller has been kite-surfing, windsurfing, wake-boarding, and water-skiing in some of the most scenic places in the world.

But it wasn’t too far from his home, in the pristine Sea of Cortez, famous for its marine wildlife and underwater formations, that Miller had “one of the TOP 3 afternoons of my life,” as he described a YouTube video of a wake-boarding outing with his friends.

What made it so special wasn’t just seeing some dolphins, who range widely in the clean and clear waters of the region. Because the dolphins just didn’t make a show for Miller and his friends, they saw how fun the wake-boarding looked and got involved themselves!

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The video starts out with a beautiful day in the sun-drenched Gulf of California, with Miller driving the boat and a female friend of his riding behind on a board. Not far from the boat, an enormous pod of dolphins swims along, gracefully jumping through the water. There seem to be too many to count!

As they move toward the pod, Miller slows the boat down and his friend comes across the wake to get closer to the pod. When she does, the dolphins have no problem incorporating her into their playtime, jumping up all around her. Miller and his friends can’t believe it. “I’m surrounded!” his friend on the board exclaims.

Miller just can’t believe how close the dolphins are to her, saying “oh my God!” to the camera. It’s incredible to see how high they are jumping through her board’s small wake. If they were any closer, she could probably give them hug.

While Miller jokes that the video will “make a YouTube sensation,” little did he know that it would go on to rack up over 20 million views! Not only do the dolphins swim and jump in perfect synchronicity with the woman wake-boarding, they hang around and keep perfect pace for about two minutes. “It’s insane. It’s absolutely insane!” Miller says.

After Miller’s friend had her close encounter of the cetacean kind, she changed places with him and gave Miller the chance to be surrounded by the leaping dolphins. In the background, the cameraman sees a dolphin jump impossibly high in the air, calling him “the big jumper.”

The cameraman even spots a manta ray being chased by the dolphins! Overall, it was an incredible day for Miller and his friends, as well as the lucky viewers who got to see the show online. One commenter probably spoke for many of the viewers, writing: “it’s not humanly possible to be more jealous.”