Woman Finds 3.72-Carat Yellow Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

August 29, 2019 Updated: August 29, 2019

When 27-year-old Miranda Hollingshead of Bogata, Texas, went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas with her mother this August, the thought of managing to come home with a diamond seemed like nothing more than a hopeful wish.

Hollingshead spent about an hour with her mother and siblings at the digging site without finding anything. But when she sat down in the shade to look up better diamond-searching techniques on her phone, she happened to sit in just the right spot for the light to catch on something sparkling—and sure enough, she ended up with a pretty impressive find.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Andriy Blokhin

The park is a unique tourist attraction because visitors are allowed to keep any diamonds they find in a 37-acre plowed field. It serves as the only publicly accessible diamond-bearing site in the world, offering up hundreds of tiny diamonds left behind by machines that dug up the larger diamonds in the early 1900s at the site of a 91-million-year-old eroded volcano.

She told park officials, “I was sitting in the shade, watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds. I looked over at my kid for a second, and when I looked down, I saw it mixed in with other rocks.

“I shook my hand across it to make sure what it was, picked it up, and yelled across the field to my mom, ‘I think I got one!’”

WHAT A FIND! It only took about an hour for the woman to find this 3.72-carat yellow diamond at Crater of Diamonds State…

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The family went to register the diamond with the park, who explained in a statement that rain can stir up the gravel and push diamonds up to the surface in a way that makes them easy to spot without much digging—much like what happened in this case.

“Much of the ground where Ms. Hollingshead found her diamond is made of unweathered volcanic rock,” park interpreter Waymon Cox said in a statement. “When it rains, flowing runoff often leaves loose gravel, and sometimes diamonds, on the surface in these areas. Diamonds have a brilliant, adamantine luster that makes them easy to spot, and Ms. Hollingshead happened to be sitting in just the right place to see the diamond sparkle in the sun.”

A Texas mom took her family to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas last week — and stumbled across a 3.72-carat yellow diamond.

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Hollingshead’s diamond ended up being a 3.72-carat yellow diamond, the largest diamond of any kind to be found at the park since 2017 and the largest yellow diamond found since 2013. It’s incredibly rare, with only around 1 in every 10,000 carats of diamonds registered as natural colored gemstones—and although yellow diamonds tend not to fetch quite the same high price that white diamonds do, the discovery is still likely worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“It’s about the size of a pencil eraser, with a light yellow color and a sparkling, metallic luster. Ms. Hollingshead said her gem’s unique shape reminded her of a rounded molar, with a small indentation in one end,” explained Cox, per Insider.

This isn’t the first diamond found at the digging site this year—not by a long stretch. So far in 2019 alone, a whopping 319 diamonds have been dug up as of Aug. 19, and they cumulatively add up to roughly 63.49 carats. But Hollingshead’s find is by far the largest, and is even neater thanks to the distinct coloration.

For now, the Texas mom isn’t sure if she’s going to sell the diamond or get it mounted as a ring for her own personal use. Either way, though, it’s certainly a nice payoff for her time and money; after spending just $10 to dig, she certainly gets to go home with a tidy profit no matter what.