Woman Makes Too Much for Dinner, so Takes Leftovers to the Park—then Mom With Little Girls See Her

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
May 9, 2019 Updated: May 14, 2019

This woman could hardly imagine that her simple gesture would turn into a miracle for a hungry family in need. She shared in a heartrending video her experience bringing leftovers to a park, where homeless stay, quite literally in answer to a mother’s prayer to help feed her hungry  children.

One day, Kim Colvin, from Birmingham, Alabama, felt like having some home-cooked roast beef for dinner.

So she started preparing her meal but ended up with a table full of roast beef, with a vegetable medley, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn on the cob, and corn muffins. The food was enough to feed 10 people.

Kim Colvin 发布于 2018年12月23日周日

“Ever since the boys got grown and I live on my own,” Colvin said. “I really don’t know how to cook small anymore.”

She finished her dinner and started packing the leftovers. She realized she probably wouldn’t be able to finish all the food by herself before it went bad.

“I shouldn’t throw this away,” she recalled thinking.

Instead of discarding the extra food, she decided she would bring the leftovers to the homeless and hungry. She packed the food onto 11 plates and loaded them in her car. She then drove to the nearby park, where many homeless people could be found hanging around.

So I decided to cook Monday. Roast beef, Mac n cheese, vegetable medley, oven grilled corn on cob, Italian cut green…

Kim Colvin 发布于 2016年6月7日周二

There, she noticed a woman on her knees praying at a gazebo with her little girls beside her. “Lord, if I could just feed my children,” Colvin recalled her saying.

Just then, one of the kids tapped her mom, and she looked up. When she saw Colvin standing there with plates of food in each hand, tears started rolling down from her face—she knew God had answered her prayer.

Colvin recalled the woman saying how she had no money nor any place to stay and, that night, she had just prayed God would provide some food so that she could feed her three children, if not herself.

Colvin recounted the moving moment in a tearful video, which was then posted on her Facebook page.

“And to see the tears roll down her face and how grateful she was—I was just outdone,” said a teary Colvin.

“They were so happy!” she said, describing the children’s expressions as they received her food.

Seeing their priceless reactions over the plates of food, Colvin was humbled. “This has humbled me so much, to the point where I will never, never throw away another meal,” she said.

Colvin shared her story to express how “a lot of times we take stuff for granted, and the small things, we don’t even think about how much it means to other people, or how much we can bless other people.”

Are you touched by Colvin’s encounter? Her moving recollection is a reminder that we should never take the small things in our lives, such as the food we eat, for granted, for there are some who don’t even have the privilege to put food on their tables.

This how I know God is real!!!

Kim Colvin 发布于 2016年6月7日周二