Woman Charged After Police Rescue 300 Starving Horses, Rabbits, and Chickens From Her Home

October 10, 2019 Updated: October 10, 2019

Police received a call about one starving, neglected horse at a woman’s property, but when they showed up, they found much more than that. Officers rescued hundreds of animals on the brink of starvation, kept in appalling conditions. The uncaring owner was eventually charged with seven counts of animal cruelty.

It all started in May 2019 when Irma Kendrick’s neighbor contacted police with concerns about one of the horses on the woman’s property in Choctaw, Oklahoma. News 4 reported that over 20 horses and donkeys were living in inhumane conditions. Police rescued the animals and took them to Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, a non-profit focused on the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned horses.

MORE THAN 300 STARVING ANIMALS SEIZED: 68-year-old Irma Kendrick faces seven felony counts of animal cruelty after more…

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Natalie Cross from the Rescue spoke with News 4, stating that when the animals arrived in her care, they were “some of the worst we have probably seen.” She explained that the horses and donkeys were kept in tiny enclosures, and some were even missing eyes. “There’s not hardly anything left of them. […] They’ve been starved greatly,” she adds.

A month later, when police returned to the property, they found even more suffering animals. Officers rescued over 200 rabbits and dozens of chickens stacked in dirty cages. Dr. Michelle Leak, the veterinarian who looked after the sick and starving animals, recalls per News 4 that “[The rabbits] were just packed in there and they were all on wire. They didn’t have food or water with them, no hay, and then there were feet of feces and urine underneath the kennels.”

As for the owner, when she was approached for comment, the 68-year-old woman declined to speak. However, News 4 reports that court documents revealed that “she’s on an extremely fixed income” and “continues to breed and bring in additional horses.”

According to News 9, over 300 animals were removed from the property in total. Officer Kenneth Grant from Choctaw police department spoke to News 9 and stated that the horses were in such a deplorable state that he was “surprised some of them were still able to stand on their own.

“The rabbits, they all looked healthy till you got your hands on them. Once you got your hands on them, you could feel their ribs. And same way with the chickens,” he added.

Such cruelty against innocent animals would not go unpunished. In September of 2019, Irma Kendrick was charged with seven counts of animal cruelty felony charges by the Oklahoma County District Court, as per News 4.

“No more animals should have to suffer from her negligence,” Cross said. “She did not provide them any care. She was feeding them cattle feed when she was feeding them. They had no hay. They were all in tiny little pens.”