Oklahoma Woman Allegedly Swindles $450,000 from Navy Vet Suffering from Alzheimer’s

June 30, 2018 Last Updated: June 30, 2018

Police are accusing Cindy Smith-Frawner, a woman living in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, of stealing over $450,000 from a former Navy veteran suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Smith-Frawner, a family acquaintance of the victim, offered to take care of him, but instead appeared to swindle most of his life’s savings. After obtaining power of attorney over the victim, she had his house deed turned over to her for just $1, according to KFOR.

According to court evidence, she added herself to the victim’s bank account and made a number of withdraws by making checks out to herself. This included $77,229.28 for a loan payment, $29,371.86 for the purchase of a Honda Accord, and $10,000 for the down payment of a hot tub, which was subsequently installed in her own residence.

In October 2017, Smith-Frawner made another large transfer of $295,000 to her account, leaving the victim with only $40,000. Police say Smith-Frawner took money from the man without his knowledge or permission as early as 2011. These transactions totaled more than $450,000, not including the value of the victim’s home and other suspicious transactions.

Her attorney, Billy Bock, insisted that the man treated her like a daughter, and the transactions were made with his consent.

“Everything was done under his wishes. I understand he doesn’t remember that now, and it’s sad. I wish he did,” he said.

The court has seized the Honda Accord and more than $260,000. She is faced with a number of criminal charges including Exploitation of an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult and penalties of up to 37 years in prison and $85,000 in fines.