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With New Footage of Jan. 6 Released, the Truth Is Coming to Light | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 138

Earlier this week, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson released unseen footage from the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, revealing that the events which unfolded on the day were not as violent or part of an insurrection as portrayed by mainstream media.

Joseph Hanneman, lead investigator of Jan. 6 and senior reporter at The Epoch Times, joins Larry Elder to discuss the newly released videos and answer questions such as “how many police officers died at the Capitol on January 6th.”

On Thursday, President Joe Biden released his $6.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2024, which calls for significant tax increases for the wealthy and corporations, increased spending on the military, and a wide range of new social programs.

Kevin Freeman, CEO of Freeman Global Investment Council, joins Larry Elder to discuss why he thinks this is a terrible plan.

The crisis at our border appears to be unabated, and now even the Biden administration is considering reinstating some of the Trump-era policies.

Chris Chmielenski, VP and Deputy Director of NumbersUSA, joins Larry Elder to discuss how bad the situation is and what’s the best thing we can do to mitigate it.

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