Why You’re Not a Billionaire…Yet

August 19, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Now, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but it’s true that every once in a while life can suck. It’s an unavoidable fact that life is hard and you have to strive for everything you want. It’s undisputed that not everyone is lucky and only the great will go far. We know this to be true, right? Or are we so convinced of this reality that we constantly look at life through a polarized lens and miss the big picture? Imagine watching your favorite movie through a peephole – think you would have interpreted it differently? Of course you would have. And, I’m relieved to tell you that the same thing is happening in your day-to-day life. I’m relieved, because it is so much easier to alternate a perspective than having to face the daunting task of fixing life. Below are some myths debunked to help you get from glum to giddy with possibility…. and hopefully riches. 

That myth that we need fixing.

The idea of self-help has always been around but in the last decade it has transformed into a billion dollar industry. We are told that, if we are not seeking guidance then we are standing still, and perhaps, becoming stagnant. I’m a huge fan of self-empowerment, education and discovery but when self-help turns into manipulation for sales, its time to walk away. So, please repeat after me: There is nothing about me that needs to be ‘fixed’ because I am not broken. And, if anyone insists on pointing out my vulnerabilities that need fixing (i.e. my sales strategy, relationships, the way I run my business etc.), then they are simply after my money or full of it.

Manipulation is all around us and it can be easy to fall for the bait – just think of the last purchase you made that you didn’t really need. But, you can decide to just walk away and choose not to see or live life that way.

The one about living in an unfair world.

Remember that idiot from high school who could barely get himself to school on time and watching him graduate seemed like witnessing a miracle? Odds are he’s making more money than you or dating someone hotter than you. How do they do it?! It must be because life is so unfair and choses a couple of lucky people who have it easier than the rest. Wrong! I’ll let you in on their secret: no self-doubt. I bet that if you had interviewed your idiot classmate he would have had no doubt that he was going to graduate. He believed that he would receive his diploma just as much as everyone else. He didn’t worry about his grades or if the teachers liked him or what his ranking was. He just focused on getting that diploma. And, he did it. It’s time for you to apply the same theory to your life. What do you fail to believe in that keeps bringing you back to square one? 

The tale that life sucks and then you die.

Work can often seem to take up the majority of your life because when you’re not only spending at least 40 hours a week fulfilling your duties you’re also spending extra time off the clock just thinking about everything you haven’t gotten around to finishing yet. That of course doesn’t even include taking care of your family and life’s unexpected surprises of large bill that fall out of the sky or necessary repairs or health issues. So, what exactly are we to make of all of this if not to assume that life is just hard work until the day it isn’t anything any longer. There is a basic law in physics that explains that anyone you focus on will expand. So, if you are constantly worried about your depleting bank account don’t be surprised if you find a hefty bill in the mail. If, you are constantly looking for evidence that your partner isn’t listening or doesn’t love you then you better start preparing for the worst. Life is very much like a scavenger hunt and whatever you seek, you shall find. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you wake up in the morning and focus on $100 bill that money will appear out of the sky. But, you will certainly start to gravitate more richness if you already feel like a rich person.

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