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Why Is the GOP Refusing to Look Into Fauci & the Origins of COVID-19? | Truth Over News

There are many glaring inconsistencies and lies that have been exposed in relation to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology and subsequently covering up his involvement.

We, along with a select group of others, have reported on these issues many times. The corporate media has not. That is not surprising. What is perhaps surprising is that the GOP has been missing in action.

Fauci’s malfeasance is not simply a narrow issue about one man. Rather, it is symbolic of the deep and seemingly terminal dysfunction of the federal government, an issue the GOP should take great interest in.

If the government were functional, Fauci would’ve been stopped in his tracks many years ago. Instead, Fauci—now 80 years old—built his own little empire from which he continues to implement his own will instead of that of the people. And he has never been held to account.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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