Why Did Ted Cruz Send His Dad on a Secret Mission to Puerto Rico?

To hunt for Marco Rubio's delegates, that's why
By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
April 28, 2016 Updated: July 2, 2016

Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, is a Cuban immigrant, Evangelical Preacher, and one of his son’s most important surrogates.

That’s why, on Thursday, April 21, as Ted was addressing Indiana Republican Party’s spring dinner, Rafael Cruz went to Puerto Rico on a secret mission: to meet in private with some of the island’s 23 delegates. 

Those delegates were not won by his son, but by Marco Rubio, who swept all 23 delegates when the territory went to the polls on March 6. 

Rubio suspended his presidential bid on March 15 after losing a crushing loss in his home state of Florida. However, he exited the race with a total of 171 pledged delegates from over 21 states and territories. 

Those delegates are very important to Cruz if he hopes to win in the event of a contested convention this summer. 

Most of the 171 pledged delegates are bound by law to vote on the first ballot for the state or territory that chooses the nomination.

Last month, Rubio made the unprecedented request to have his delegates be still bound to him after suspending his campaign in order to stop Trump from picking up any more delegates. 

According to the Washington Post, not all of those delegates will remain bound: 

The best estimates now suggest that Rubio can count on at least 50 delegate votes on the first ballot and may have to relinquish somewhere between 30 and 40. The remainder — as many as 81 — are somewhere in limbo.

With it still uncertain as to whether or not Donald Trump is going to reach 1,237 delegates—he currently has 992—every single delegate counts. 

Rafael Cruz has been one of Ted’s most reliable surrogates on the campaign trail, recently stumping for his son at Grove City College near Pittsburg before the Pennsylvania Primary.

“Many Christians have said, ‘Politics is a dirty business, I don’t want any part of it,'” he said. But “if the righteous are not running for office, if the righteous are not even voting, what is left? The wicked electing the wicked.”

Cruz trails in the delegate count 992-562 to Trump, but securing as many votes for Cruz after the first ballot is his strategy going into the Cleveland Republican National Convention in July.