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Why Black Families Are Angry at Urban Public Education | Larry Elder

Recently, a headline in the Los Angeles Daily News said, “Black Families are Reluctant to Return to LAUSD Schools Due to Systemic Racism, Report Says.” What’s really happening is parents believe that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) tends to assign lesser-qualified educators to schools in low-income communities. One parent complained that a first-grade school teacher couldn’t even spell. One LA Unified board member told The LA Times, “the district must develop a strategic and inclusive approach to support the academic achievement of black students.” To add insult to injury, California has done away with the CBEST test that would normally require teachers to have the bare minimum of competence. Already in California, 75 percent of black boys and 50 percent of third-graders cannot read at the state level of proficiency. Larry cannot stress enough that you are being betrayed by the very Democrats you vote for over and over again.

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