White House: Tea Party, Veteran, Biker Protesters Meet Riot Police in DC; Remove Barricades

October 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Protesters have gathered in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, according to reports. Photos uploaded to social media websites shows demonstrators removing barricades around parks and marching through the Capitol area.

Park police in riot gear were deployed in front of the facility, said CNN.

“US Park Police have arrived in front of WH. Some in riot gear! Tea party/veteran protesters start booing,” wrote CNN’s Jim Acosta on Twitter.

A rally took place at the World War II memorial and headed to the White House, reported NBC Washington. Several thousand demonstrators came out, it said, adding that “bikers” were involved in the demonstrations.

NBC reported that people were carrying barricades that were likely from the WWII memorial to the White House area.

The DC Police Department said its officers are on the scene.

“MPD is on the scene at White House with USSS & USPP concerning protest – marchers using sidewalk,” it wrote on Twitter.

Commentator Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) were on the scene and spoke to demonstrators. 

“This is the people’s memorial,” Palin said. “Our veterans should be above politics.”  Cruz accused the Obama administration of using veterans as pawns in the government shutdown.

“Tear down these walls,” a crowd chanted in D.C. Protesters also sang “God bless America” and other American patriotic songs while they entered the World War II memorial plaza.

The organizers of the protest described themselves as the “Million Vet March.”

It said that veterans and military members are “being used a political pawns in the ongoing government shutdown and budget crisis,” the website for the march reads.

Jeff Tompkins, a protester, told NBC that  “it should be open to everyone to come down here and see this … this is not just and not fair,” referring to the WWII memorial and other sites. 


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