Whirlwind: It Will Be Worse for Democrats If They Win

July 26, 2020 Updated: August 3, 2020


In their bloodlust—because that’s what it is—to defeat President Donald Trump, the Democrats are taking a potential “Journey into the Whirlwind,” as Evgenia Ginzberg wrote in her narrative by that name of Stalin’s “Great Terror.”

Ginzberg, a loyal Communist Party member for decades, was falsely accused of being a “counter-revolutionary Trotskyist” and shuttled between labor camps and prison for years, two of which she spent in solitary confinement. Her long-suppressed account, finally published in 1967, of the depredations of the Gulag is now a classic.

It can’t happen here, you say. Maybe not. But the avowedly Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa already have vastly more adherents across our country than the Bolsheviks ever did at the outset.

And the Bolsheviks didn’t have the support and apparent sympathy of nearly every big city mayor and blue-state governor who reject the help of the federal government in squelching the increasingly violent actions of these groups and their fellow travelers.

The mainstream media, whose hatred for Trump outweighs any feelings about Stalin or Mao, has also been largely complicit in the whitewash of these activities, deliberately ignoring the truth by making false claims that demonstrations are basically nonviolent and downplaying all acts of extremism as accidental one-offs.

But what we’ve been watching for the last months is a flip-flop between a re-upped version of the Paris Commune, which ultimately failed, and the more successful Russian and Chinese revolutions in their nascent forms.

All this in the run-up to what is arguably the most consequential election in our history since the Civil War between a president who remains a loud-mouthed outsider and the quintessential political hack.

I doubt Joe Biden knows many details of the Bolshevik Revolution or of the Great Leap Forward or the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Even more, I would wager he has never heard of Ginzburg, let alone read her book. He can barely put a sentence together.

But that makes him the perfect fall guy for what is transpiring, our Alexander Kerensky, without having the slightest clue who Kerensky was and not really sharing the Russian’s democratic values in the first place. (Kerensky was not, to our knowledge, a plagiarist, in law school or elsewhere.)

Some say that after Biden is elected, COVID-19 will miraculously die down and the country will suddenly go quiet and peaceful, demonstrations diminishing.

It well might—but only for what amounts to a few minutes.

One thing that will not be happening is conditions in the country getting better. Biden’s economic plans, heavily under the influence of AOC and others from his left he seems terrified of confronting, will only make things worse.

In a short while, the radical groups will be back in the streets again, demanding changes that can never be satisfied short of revolution—and even then, if history is any guide, will continue on Robespierre-style into oblivion.

Critical race theory—again with 99 percent not knowing what it is—will reign, dividing us even more. Many will unfairly be accused of racism and punished severely, in a way eerily similar to what happened to Ginzberg for being called a “Trotskyist.”

The limousine liberals of Brentwood, California, or Malibu who backed Biden so adamantly, whether as a last resort or not, will be starting to sweat. The revolution will be coming for them.

How could they not have known? Didn’t they see “Dr. Zhivago”? Some of them may even have helped make it. (Well, maybe not in today’s Hollywood.)

If you think things are bad now, just wait.

Ironically—and infuriatingly to some of them at that point who are brave enough to admit it—the one person standing in the way of all this madness was the man they most despised, Trump.

Whatever you think of him, he was the bad medicine that could have prevented all this. But liberals allowed their emotions (and in many cases ambitions) to cloud their judgment to such a degree that they destroyed themselves—and us, at least for a while.

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, and co-founder of PJ Media. His latest books are “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic If It Hasn’t Already” (nonfiction) and “The GOAT” (fiction). Follow him on Twitter and Parley @rogerlsimon.

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