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Kidnapped by Child Protective Services: The Shocking Case of Baby Cyrus

A case in Idaho around baby Cyrus being taken from his family by Child Protective Services (CPS) is bringing attention to the financial incentives and extralegal powers states have when taking children from their parents.

We spoke with the family and a lawyer involved in the state’s seizure of baby Cyrus and found that in such cases, parents lose basic legal protections including the right to a jury and the burden of proof, and that families are often placed under gag orders to prevent them from speaking.

Diego Rodriguez, grandfather of Baby Cyrus, said, “This truly is state-subsidized child trafficking. There’s no way to whitewash, this is exactly what it is.”

We also discovered the financial incentive given to states in cases involving the taking of children. Rodriguez said, “In this case, the federal government is paying Idaho to steal, kidnap, abduct—whatever term you want to use—babies from people’s families, innocent families.”

And we discovered this is an issue that isn’t limited to just Idaho. It’s an issue found throughout the United States. Attorney Colton Boyles said, “I really think this is going to resound across the United States when people realize that this can happen to anyone.”

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