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What’s Really Behind Biden’s Repeated and Dangerous Gaffes: Senility or Strategy?

President Joe Biden’s regular gaffes during speeches are a source of both national embarrassment for America, and international amusement. However, with his latest supposedly “erroneous” pledge to defend Taiwan from attack by the Chinese regime, it seems there were some who were not laughing.

As Biden prepared to wrap up his Asia tour, two bomber aircraft, one Russian and one Chinese, were detected “patrolling” in the area. Japan called the action by the loosely allied autocracies a provocation.

While the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) predictably “snaps back” at such pledges to Taiwan’s defense, its capacity to actually launch such an invasion may not be all that high. The signs continue to pour forth of deep fractures in the makeup of the Chinese regime; among these, the escalating factional infighting is one of the most compelling.

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