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‘What We See Playing Out in America Today is Cultural Marxism’ | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 119

Three and a half years ago, The New York Times Magazine published “The 1619 Project”. It argued that 1619, the year the first slave ship is widely believed to have arrived in what is now the U.S., was as foundational to America as the year 1776 and that the legacy of chattel slavery still shapes our society.

Watch Larry Elder’s reaction to “The 1619 Project” documentary series, which just premiered on Hulu.

What is Globalism? Do you want to live under a world government? In this episode, Scott S. Powell, author of “Rediscovering America,” joins Elder to lay out an eight-point plan to fight globalism.

Did Vice President Kamala Harris intentionally leave out the word “life” when citing the Declaration of Independence in her abortion speech? Washington Examiner commentary writer Christopher Tremoglie shares his view.

Phil from Philly, a regular caller, gets on the Larry Elder Show, and he cannot contain his excitement. He says he became a regular caller out of a concern for the direction of the country.

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