What Actually Happens When You Give Someone Flowers

February 22, 2016 Updated: February 23, 2016

You probably never thought much about it, but giving someone that bouquet of flowers might just make them a happier more sociable person. A study on what happens when a person receives flowers has revealed the unexpected ways we react when getting that bouquet of roses or basket of pansies.

1. Receiving flowers evokes a true smile and makes you a happier person. The true smile, known as the Duchenne smile, is connected to brain chemistry and an overall increase in wellbeing.



2.  People who receive flowers in most cases display them in a prominent spot, such as in the living room, intending to share the joy with others.

Flowers are displayed in a prominent spot in the living room.


3. People who receive flowers became more open to talking about themselves.


4. During a research experiment, people who were given a flower in an elevator decided to stand closer to the person who gave it to them, underscoring the trust flowers build.



5. People who receive flowers regularly are less depressed and generally happier.


6. Believe it or not, but receiving flowers improves your memory of social interactions.


7. Whether you men like it or not, you also become happier and more sociable when receiving flowers.