‘We Felt We Were Part of the Show,’ Marketing Agency Owner Says

March 2, 2018

“It was more than a show. It was an experience and that’s really what I loved about it. It took us into every performance and to every act. And we felt like we were right there with the performers—we felt like we were part of the show.”

“The emotions ranged from happy to sad, to scared, to on the edge of your seats. But it definitely evoked emotions throughout every performance. And the emotions were fast and varied but everything kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time.”

“It was very organic and authentic. Everything was rooted in [ancient] Chinese culture and Chinese history and there wasn’t a lot of glitz and glam and fame that you see in a lot of modern-day performances.”

“That’s what I teach in all of my books. I teach kindness and compassion. I teach meditation.”

“I like to say that we’re one individual expression of the divine intelligence that created the entire universe. And certainly, that’s in line with the [ancient] Chinese culture.”