[VIDEO] Touching tale of Loving German shepherd afflicted with dwarfism

November 27, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

This dog was born with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Mikeygus is not just smaller than the rest of the litter but has had to endure a few setbacks in terms of physical development—this has not stopped him from leading a normal life, thanks to his owners, parents and loving extended family!

Amy and Heath Carkuff from Clarksville, Indiana are animal lovers and one of the numerous pets that they have welcomed into their home and hearts is a German shepherd that was born with dwarfism. German shepherd couple, Spartacus and Temperance, parents of Michaelangelo Augustine also known as Mikegus, have lovingly accepted him as he is and do all they can to keep him happy.

At first, Amy and Heath didn’t find him any different from the rest of the litter, but when he turned 6 weeks old, they noticed that this was unfortunately not the case.

Amy said: “At 16 weeks our fears were confirmed: MikeyGus obviously had dwarfism, which has many negative side effects. For MikeyGus, his struggle would be the bone deformation of all of his long bones,” reported Barcroft.

At six months, sadly, MikeyGus stopped walking completely.

“During this time, we carried him in and outdoors and bought him a walking stroller. Ice cubes kept him entertained, as well as his mother, Temperance,” said Amy.

“Temperance would lie in front of MikeyGus with a toy and play tug-o-war. She never expected him to chase her, but would invent playtime suited to his needs,”

“He was completely full of joy and loved his playtime. We took him on daily stroller walks and held him excessively. MikeyGus was extremely determined and eventually began walking again,” she added.

Mikeygus continues to live his life as normal as can be. He is especially close to their youngest daughter Samantha.

“MikeyGus feels like he’s my brother, he’s my best buddy and he’s a good doggy. He’s part of the family. MikeyGus thinks he’s a normal dog and his disability doesn’t stop him from walking or running. My favorite thing about MikeyGus is that he’s just absolutely loving, loves to play. He never gives up, he thinks he’s like everybody else,” said Samantha.

Sadly, the life expectancy for a dog diagnosed with Achondroplasia dwarfism is 2 years so the family is giving Mikeygus all the comfort and happiness that they can for the short time that he is expected to be with them.

Amy said: “What we do with MikeyGus is try to show people how he is seen as a blessing in our home,

“He’s provided my daughters with a first-hand education on how love should be boundless and, despite our struggles and differences, we can be a very important part of this world.”