Sushi Restaurant Staff Fight Back During Armed Heist

By John Smithies, Epoch Times

Two armed robbers got more than they bargained for when they targeted a sushi restaurant in the Italian city of Milan this week.

The robbers were captured on CCTV storming into Sushi Fuel late Sunday, Feb. 4, holding up guns at the 35-year-old owner and ordering him behind the counter.

Instead of handing over cash, the owner reached for a knife and charged at the robbers.

Another member of staff also grabbed a knife and stabbed the robbers.

The thieves eventually escaped with $3,700, a whole week’s earnings for the restaurant.

According to media reports, the owner was shot three times in the fight—on the buttocks, chest, and face—and taken to hospital for non-critical injuries.

The employee suffered only a minor concussion.

One of the robbers was later arrested at a hospital, where he was seeking treatment for stab wounds, while his accomplice was found in his apartment.