Hillary Clinton Says She Will Make Information About Area 51 Public If Elected President

As long as it wouldn't pose a threat to national security
March 29, 2016 Updated: April 3, 2016

On Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton said that if elected president she would look into information about Area 51 and share it with the public, pending it wouldn’t endanger national security:

“I would like us to go into those files and hopefully make as much of that public as possible,” she told Jimmy Kimmel March 24 on his late night talk show. “If there’s nothing there, let’s tell people there’s nothing there.”

The part where they talk about Area 51 starts at 3 minutes:

Kimmel said that he asked Bill Clinton when he came on about the subject, and the former President said that he looked but didn’t find anything.

The Nevada air force facility has long been the subject of conspiracy theories about UFOs and aliens. The facility, which was opened in 1955, was acknowledged by the U.S. government for the first time in 2013.