Watch: Clever Dog Acts Like He Has a Broken Leg to Get Food–but He’s Actually Pulling Your Leg!

September 1, 2019 Updated: September 5, 2019

Some dogs are incredibly clever creatures and use their wits to get one of the things that’s always on their minds: treats. Such was the case with this adorable, Oscar-worthy pooch named Gae, who lives on the streets in Bangkok, Thailand, who has taught himself to fake an injury to get food from locals and tourists. 

A resident of the area named Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul filmed the remarkable, cute performance.

“This old dog has lived [at] my workplace for a few years. He always does this trick to deceive people,” said Chongplapolkul, as per Daily Mail. The gimmick by the clever amber-colored mixed-breed dog is incredibly convincing. Oh, how tragic!

Illustration – Shutterstock | khorkins

Shown in the video is Gae putting on a show, quite literally acting “lame,” dragging his hind leg as though he is paralyzed or has a broken leg. How could anyone not feel sorry for poor Gae? How could anyone refuse him food at such a sorry sight? It’s a winning formula, and he knows it!

But as soon as he’s called by name, he starts wagging his tail and jumps around with joy as if nothing happened. Miraculous recovery! And soon enough, Gae reverts to dragging his “broken” hind leg until someone else offers him some food or attention. 

And the Oscar goes to!

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The hilarious clip also has a moment where a motorcyclist stopped out of concern, only to see the pup yet again jump with glee and show everyone that he’s really okay. The dog has been pulling his sleek con for quite some time, and the residents find it endearing. “But then he jumps up and walks away,” said Chongplapolkul. “It’s too funny. We call him Gae.”

While the locals are all on to Gae’s tricks, Chongplapolkul says there were times when some of them believed his hoax and wanted to check him to make sure that he wasn’t in any pain. However, as she continues to explain, “He’s an old dog, and we’ve checked both of his legs. They are both fine.”

Watch the video of Gae’s Oscar-worthy performance: 

She did state that if the pooch were wounded or in any distress, she would make sure he received medical attention. “If Gae had any kind of injury, I would take him to the vets immediately,” she assures, as per The Daily Mail. 

Sure, it may seem a little dishonest, but hey, a dog’s gotta make a living somehow. Whether or not you fall for Gae’s sob story, at the very least, it’s a performance that is worth at least a few laughs.