Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Beth or Morgan to Appear in Episode 2, ‘Strangers’? (+Videos)

October 15, 2014 Updated: October 15, 2014

The Walking Dead season 5 got off to a tremendous start on Sunday and now fans are wondering about episode 2.

Beth was not in episode 1, leading to speculation that she’ll appear for the first time in what seems like forever in episode 2, which is titled “Strangers.”

The main thrust of the episode is Rick’s group–now back out on the road–coming across Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), a character familiar to readers of The Walking Dead comic books.

The pastor is surrounded by a small group of walkers in the woods, screaming for help as they claw at him as he tries to fend them off from on top of a rock.

Rick initially hesitates when he hears the screams but Carl urges him to go to the man’s aid, part of an ongoing theme that was brought up in episode 1 when Rick wanted to leave the man in a boxcar at Terminus but Glenn insisted that they free him (it didn’t matter much as the man was almost immediately bitten by a walker).

The Walking Dead season 5 trailer shows Rick and the large group in a church at one point, which is likely where Gabriel will lead them once they rescue him.

As in the comic books, Gabriel seems to have the backstory of shutting his parishioners out of his church once the outbreak spread, and is now filled with regret and eager to make amends by helping others. He should have an ample amount of supplies at the church.

But the trailer also seems to indicate that Gareth and the remnants of Terminus will also find Rick and the group at some point, possibly sooner rather than later and possibly at or near the church.

As for Father Gabriel, his introduction “would mean that we see Beth coming along soon,” notes Undead Walking.

“In season 4, Beth was taken out of a crazy situation by a car with a cross on the back windshield. It would make sense that she makes her appearance again with Father Stokes fairly soon. We still are waiting to find out what happened with her, but it looks like we could hear about it soon. It could be time to get everyone from the jail reunited again.”

Then again, Beth could be completely separate from the pastor. The trailer indicated that she was in some type of hospital with a mysterious group of people who are not very friendly.

The other big plot point is the re-introduction of Morgan. Spoilers about the future path of Lennie James’ character haven’t come out but show and comics creator Robert Kirkman did reveal a bit after episode 1.

“[He’s] possibly in better shape [than seen in season 3], but he’s on the road, he’s alone. You never know, we’ve got to see him interact with people. He could still be a loon. But yeah, he’s on their trail. Rick left him a map, so he knew roughly where Rick was, and it’s clear that he’s decided, ‘Hey, you know, living alone in this horrible town is not for me. Maybe I do need to reenter society. Maybe I do need to find these people,'” explained Kirkman to Entertainment Weekly.

“And I like to think he got to that prison and was like, ‘Wait, what’s going on? Like, everyone’s gone now?’

“So yeah, he’s actually on their trail, and the Terminus thing is helping him hopefully stay on that trail. And it’s certainly a question as to whether he’ll meet up with them, or when he’ll meet up with them, but we’ve got a lot of big plans for the character of Morgan, so stay tuned.”


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