Santa Clara Registrar of Voters to Correct Info Guides

May 16, 2018 Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Voters in Santa Clara, Campbell, and West San Jose will soon receive a corrected version of their voter information guide. The correction process began after Santa Clara County Supervisor candidate Jim Baker—a former mayor, Santa Clara University grad, and former firefighter—discovered these details missing from his profile. Says Baker, “I felt really disappointed. This is a hard thing to get your information out to voters, and I think a lot of voters rely on this pamphlet more than any other document.” He adds that “as an institution, this is another in a long line of failures,” and that providing inaccurate or incomplete information is “not fair to the voters.”

The Santa Clara Registrar of Voters says the omission affecting 174,000 voters was due to human error in one of their vendors, who used an older version of the pamphlet. The Registrar’s Office will send voters a letter along with the updated pamphlet and bill the vendor for the extra cost, which they did not disclose. A state audit caught incorrect and missing information in last year’s voter information guides as well. Santa Clara Registrar representative Shannon Bushey tells reporters that “thousands and thousands of things can can cause error,” and that “we continue to work diligently for transparency and accuracy to the best of our abilities.”

As of the recording of this video, the registrar had received 1000 mail-in ballots from District 4. They plan to inform voters through their websites and at voter centers as well. Baker was the only of the seven candidates with missing information.