Man Arrested During Heated Voter Fraud Hearing in Arizona

Protester charged with resisting arrest and trespassing
By Steven Klett
Steven Klett
Steven Klett
March 29, 2016 Updated: April 3, 2016

In an Arizona House committee hearing over voter fraud in Phoenix on Monday, a protester was forcibly ejected, arrested, and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing.

The scene of his arrest and ejection was tumultuous as protestors screamed insults at police while they hovered around the suspect before removing him.

He was yelling, screaming different slogans and sayings throughout the hearing.
— Captain Damon Cicil

Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, Jonathan S. McRae was handcuffed and led out by police because “he was yelling, screaming different slogans and sayings throughout the hearing,” said Captain Damon Cicil with the Department of Public Services, according to AZFamily, a local TV station.

Others give a different account. Witness Ed Higgins said, “He didn’t do anything, he was just sitting there,” reported AZFamily.

The incident shows a number of officers forcibly removing McRae as others shout “Shame on you!” and “Arrest Purcell!”

“Purcell” is in reference to Helen Purcell, the Republican Maricopa County Recorder that has taken responsibility, but not resigned, over the long lines at the Arizona primary held on March 22.

Voters lined up for as long as 5 hours for the primaries last week, and Monday’s committee hearing was to decide if the Legislature is to blame due to the number of polling places it cut. Officials had cut the number of polling places from more than 200 to 60.

Some who testified at the hearing called for a redo of the election to decide who would represent Arizona in the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer.

The day after the primaries, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton asked the Department of Justice to investigate the “disparate distribution of polling locations” in the Phoenix-metro area had to endure. 

Stanton said the long wait lines are “unacceptable anywhere in the United States, and I am angry that County elections officials allowed it to happen in my city.”

Part One of the March 28 hearing can be viewed in the video below: