Vote-Counting Feeds Show Thousands of Votes Subtracted From Trump: Data Expert

November 29, 2020 Updated: November 30, 2020

A data expert who helped raise millions of dollars for GOP campaigns said that vote tabulation data in key states show “significant abnormalities” that tend to always swing toward Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“For some reason, all the errors seem to go against Trump. And it’s unclear why that is,” Justin Hart told The Epoch Times.

Hart, who worked as digital director for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in his 2012 bid, said that his analysis of the real-time tabulation from Election Day shows 25 instances in Pennsylvania in which votes were subtracted from the total.

President Donald Trump lost 97,676 votes during the 25 data reductions, while Biden had a net gain of more than 160,000 votes, Hart indicated. Hart used the data that The New York Times made available.

When asked why votes would be deducted from a candidate, Hart said, “I honestly don’t know.” He pointed to the case in Antrim County, Michigan, where 6,000 votes allocated to Biden were reversed back to Trump after officials announced a “clerical error.” But the other instances remain unexplained.

“There’s just a lot of opaqueness into exactly why that was. I don’t have an explanation for it. Because it’s all black box,” Hart told The Epoch Times.

“We basically have a bunch of information at the end of the pipe, we have some of the information in the beginning of the pipe, and I have no idea what’s happening in between.”

Hart said it appears a lot of security holes exist in the software used and the Dominion machines.

“At the very least, there are significant moments for user error in the way that they process votes and everything else,” he said. “It’s just really poorly designed software that has a lot of problems, a lot of challenges for user error and potential fraud.”

Dominion Voting Systems, which has been the subject of much scrutiny, has said that there were no issues with its machines on Nov. 3, and a spokesman has said it’s not possible to change votes from Biden to Trump.

“There are no credible reports or evidence of any system software errors in Georgia or Michigan, including erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim County, Michigan,” Dominion said in a statement in early November.

The company has also denied other allegations about ties to Smartmatic—another voting systems company—as well as ties to foreign governments.

Georgia Pause

Hart noted more unusual activity in Georgia and provided two charts. The first shows a vote dump at 1:34 a.m. with Biden getting 82.4 percent of the share, which cut Trump’s lead in half. Hart said his analysis was based on the percentages—rather than raw vote numbers, which The New York Times didn’t provide.

“Then, like Michigan and Wisconsin—the tallies stop coming in,” Hart wrote on Twitter.

The second chart depicts the Georgia tally resumption five hours later, and over the next days, thousands of votes for Trump are subtracted, Hart found.

“One of the things that we’re looking at is understanding: Why was there this distinct pause?” Hart said.

He said a colleague ran the same tests on Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and Massachusetts—which all had high numbers of mail-in ballots—but these states didn’t have a pause in counting.

Trump retweeted the charts, and Twitter flagged them as disputed.

Wisconsin Down-Ballot

Hart also flagged an irregular voting pattern in Wisconsin, another battleground state. He included a table showing that 49,562 fewer people voted for Trump than voted for a Republican House candidate, while 64,514 more people voted for Biden than voted for a Democratic House candidate.

While he is quick to say he’s not asserting fraud per se, Hart noted that anomalies definitely exist.

“Generally, people recognize that this is an odd type of situation. And I think people wish they had more information, because it’s all vague, and all we have to go on doesn’t build confidence.”

Secretaries of state in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have denied allegations of voter fraud or irregularities that would change the outcome of the election.

Hart calls 2020 a “sea change” election regarding the mass mail-in voting conducted in many states, which he asserts is more reason to have a transparent audit trail.

“Elections don’t happen in a vacuum, they happen in a sequence. And so when we’re looking at the sequence of 2008 to 2012, and 2012 to 2016, and then 2016 to 2020—2020 just stands out. And it’s going to take us a long time to digest exactly what we’re seeing,” he said.

“But it also creates a vacuum for people to legitimately bring some critiques and say, ‘This is off, and off in a significant way where I can’t explain it through natural means.'”

This article was updated on Nov. 30 to include the interview with Justin Hart.

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