Visiting Basketball Team’s Fans Chant ‘Trump’ at Home Team in Iowa

February 25, 2016 Updated: February 25, 2016

Fans of a high school basketball team chanted “Trump” against the opposing players, a team official confirmed.

The incident took place in Perry, Iowa.

Perry High School, the home team, was hosting the Dallas Center-Grimes High School team.

Fans of the Dallas Center-Grimes team chanted “Trump” at the Perry players, an official with the Dallas Center-Grimes school confirmed to WHO-TV. They also chanted “USA” at times.

Perry’s student body is 48 percent minority. The basketball team includes players of Latino, Native American, and African American heritage.


Perry comments on Trump chant

A student at Perry High School reached out to me, saying students felt “hated” and “discriminated against” when some Dallas Center-Grimes fans allegedly chanted “TRUMP” at Monday night’s playoff game. (Perry High School has many children of immigrants.) DCG Activities Director Steve Watson says the incident has been addressed. Comments below are from Perry student Kevin Lopez and Perry Principal Dan Marburger. They say these incidents happen frequently. Channel 13’s Justin Surrency will have much more at ten.

Posted by Keith Murphy on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


“We are all aware of racism, it’s alive and well in small portions but it’s alive and well and it’s just hurtful to see that’s what they resort to,” said Kevin Lopez, Perry Student Section Leader.

Perry players said the opposing fans and players were trying to intimidate Perry players by reciting things Trump has said about what he plans to do with immigrants and their children if he is elected.

Dallas Center-Grimes Activities Steve Watson said the chants did happen at Monday’s game, but said the issue has been addressed. However, he declined to say whether or not any students were disciplined.