Viral Picture Showing Woman Yelling at Boy is Not What it Seems

July 2, 2018 Last Updated: July 3, 2018

A picture that appears to show a woman yelling at a teenage boy at a California sanctuary state debate has gone viral. After the woman was targeted by angry activists, however, the picture was found to be misleading.

(Screenshot/Fox 11)

The Ventura County Star first published the photo, which was captured at a Simi Valley City Council meeting on June 25. That evening, residents were invited to comment on whether to support the lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state law. The photo’s caption said the woman, Roslyn Laliberte, and a high school student, Joey Luevanos, were having a “spirited discussion.”

(Screenshot/Fox 11)

Laliberte was there to express her support for the lawsuit against the sanctuary state law, while Luevanos disagreed, according to Fox 11. In the picture, Laliberte’s mouth is opened widely and she’s clutching her throat in what appears to be a threatening manner. The photo went viral on social media within a few days.

However, the boy recalled the incident and said people have the wrong impression about their conversation.

“I felt like she was still trying to keep it civil, which I appreciate,” said Joey Luevanos.

(Screenshot/Fox 11)

Laliberte said she never said anything disparaging at the meeting. But, one of the tweets with quotes that appear to be from Laliberte has gained more than 70,000 retweets and nearly 80,000 likes.

Luevanos confirmed that he did hear someone at the meeting say that he would be the first one to be deported, but those words came from a man, not Laliberte.

Due to publicity surrounding the photo, Laliberte has received lots of harassing phone calls and even lost one of her clients.

(Screenshot/Fox 11)

”I wasn’t really doing anything to him, and everyone thought I was, and that makes me really sad,” said Laliberte.

On social media, people are still calling for a boycott on Laliberte’s business. However, Luevanos said he doesn’t want people to do that to Laliberte.

“She doesn’t deserve it, because she was giving her opinion in a place where everyone should be able to share their opinions,” he said.


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