Viral Photo of Tennessee Veteran on VA Hospital Floor Explained

August 8, 2018 Last Updated: August 8, 2018

A photo snapped of a veteran lying on the floor at a Tennessee Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital wasn’t quite what it seemed, the federal agency said.

The picture was snapped of Tony Mims, a veteran, by his sister Gail Hobbs.

She posted the picture online after taking Mims to the Murfreesboro VA for blood work and a urine sample.

Even though Mims felt ill, the doctor told him he was fine, Hobbs told Fox 17. The doctor then said that he had scheduled an MRI.

Hobbs asked the doctor for a room with a bed in it since Mims was feeling so ill but the doctor said Mims wasn’t being admitted at the time so he couldn’t get a bed.

Mims asked for a blanket, which nurses brought him, and he put it on the floor and lay down, Hobbs said. He passed out just before hitting the floor.

“This is my brother Tony mims laying in the floor at VA Hospital in Murfreesboro the Dr wasn’t sure if he was sick enough to be admitted to hospital we waited eight hours for them to put him in a bed he can’t even walk he deserves better treatment he served his country,” Hobbs said in a caption accompanying the picture on Facebook.

She stressed late that the nurses were wonderful and another doctor at the hospital the next day treated Mims right, quickly diagnosing him with pneumonia, and said she blames the first doctor, not the VA as a whole.

“I don’t blame the VA, the VA has a long way to go to be perfect, like everyone,” she told Fox 17. “But you can’t lump everything together.”

The VA said in a statement to the broadcaster that”Our review determined that the facts are much different than what’s presented in the Facebook post.”

The VA said Mims only had to wait for 10 minutes, during which time his sister helped him lay on the floor.

“Mims is now an inpatient in our facility and he is being well taken care of. Our medical center director has visited the patient and has his assurance that he received good care and has no complaints,” the VA stated.

Tony Mims is also referred to as Tony Sims by other media.