Violent Homeless Man Taken Down With Flying Kick After Unprovoked Attacks

June 27, 2018 Last Updated: June 28, 2018

On Monday evening in downtown Los Angeles, a photographer walking his dog was severely attacked by a violent homeless man.

The man was hit with a piece of plywood with a nail attached, and his injuries were substantial.

(Screenshot/Fox LA)

“His injury was very, very graphic and very tough to look at. I tried to hold a conversation with him. A very large gap on his lip, where his lip was slightly hanging,” a witness, who is a close friend of the victim, told Fox LA.

After the random attack, a yet-unidentified good Samaritan performed a flying kick to take down the vicious attacker. The martial arts move was unexpectedly caught on the security camera of a nearby store.

Resident Corey Smith, who lives around where the attack happened, along with several other men, then chased down the perpetrator and held him until the police arrived at the scene, reported Fox LA.

“I told him you know you’re going to jail, this is a citizen’s arrest, don’t move, the cops are coming,” Smith said.

(Screenshot/Fox LA)

The transient was later arrested by police. The incident has helped remind people of the homeless problem in the city.

“It’s happening this way because the city went so long letting this slide,” said the victim’s close friend, adding that she doesn’t feel safe.

(Screenshot/Fox LA)

According to the 2018 homeless count, there are 31,516 homeless people in Los Angeles, and three-fourths don’t have shelters to stay in, reported LA Times.



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